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In the past, the company used a kind of wire developed during the last century for the rocket launcher industry. This longused

wire is unavailable on the market at this moment.

The requirements for the wire are very specific. The coils wound from the required wire (including the covering

coat/sealing) will be exposed to hydrogen and helium atmosphere of temperature about 325 °C, for around 40 years. The

expected total absorbed radiation dose over the 40-year time is 4*10^6 Gy.

Electrical characteristics:

– Material: copper or copper alloy

– Resistance approx.: R = 0,019 q*mm^2/m

– Breakdown voltage: VBR < 100 V


Winding wire:

– nominal core diameter approx.: d = 0,3 mm

– diameter of wire including the isolation: d < 0,5 mm

Connecting (jumper) wire:

– nominal core diameter approx.: d = 0,5 mm

– diameter of wire including the isolation: d < 0,8 mm

Similar types or dimensions are subject to discussion. Wires’ isolation must be compatible with the covering coat/sealing.

The covering coat/sealing should not degrade in any way over time, withstanding the environment stated above. The

coat/sealing shall be applied:

– on the coil frame,

– on each of the wiring layers during coil winding

– for overall reinforcement and covering of the coil

The mean diameter of the coil core: d = 9 mm.

In the current situation, The company would like to select a potentially suitable sample and get the testing batch in over

the next 4 months. Then, type certification/qualification of the supply should take place over the next 6 months.

Subsequently, the product will be deployed in operation.


A major nuclear engineering company in the Czech Republic seeks a European company able to provide a supply of

special heat-resistant and radiation-resistant wire with a special isolation system.

Contributions attendues

The technology need consists of:

– Coil winding wire

– Coil connection wire

– Coil winding covering coat/sealing

Stage of development : Sustainable Development goals :

Already on the market Affordable and Clean Energy


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